Aero says AMCON saved airline from going under …insists operations not at risk

Aero management on Friday, said the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), saved the airline from collapsing when it came to its rescue some years ago when the airline had financial issues.


In its reactions containtained in a statement,  to claims by workers and aviation unions that AMCON led management had mismanaged the organisation, to the extent that the number of aircraft had reduced drastically while safety was at risk, Aero management claimed that safety remains its watchword and will not toy with the lives of the flying public.


“Our attention has been drawn to the recently published article by some select national dailies in which AMCON was claimed to have mismanaged Aero Contractors Airlines by being on the Board of the airline by virtue of its intervention.


“To the contrary, AMCON has played a supportive role for a majority of the existing airlines. Aero would like to acknowledge the positive impact AMCON’s intervention continues to have on the aviation industry, despite various challenges confronting the industry. Without AMCON’s intervention, the airline may not be flying today.


The aviation industry has performed well over the years but like all other business segments, experiences some challenges as a fallback from the global financial crisis and the fall in global oil prices”, it said.


It added that the myriads of challenges in the industry which is not limited to Aero alone, as well as the specialisation required in the industry, necessitated a structured and methodical approach to solving these challenges.


To this end, the management added that Aero has invested a lot of money into revamping the airline, especially, placing orders for aircraft that would soon arrive its fleet.


“In order to sustain customer’s confidence and its enviable position as the flagship of the Nigeria Aviation industry, and potentially Sub-Saharan Africa, especially in the area of safety and on-time performance, Aero has invested hugely in replacing its ageing fleet.


“Orders have been made and we are awaiting delivery. Staff issues are being addressed in line with industry best practices, and the airline does not plan to allow staff/unions to manage its affairs.  Aero has been known for quality of service and to this end the airline will continue to ensure a thorough and timely training and recertification of its human assets to ensure the enviable safety of Aero Contractors.

“We cannot aim for less because the travelling public which has continuously supported Aero is deserving of no less than a safe, enjoyable and timely flying experience.
We hereby assure the flying public that the airline’s operation is not at any risk whatsoever as it continues to enjoy the support of its shareholders and the Board of Directors of Aero, and safety will continue to be at the core of our business”, it added.

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