Air Peace apologises to passengers over flight disruption



…COO says more aircraft to be deployed for Yuletide


Posted by Sade Williams

Air Peace has tendered an unreserved apology to its teeming customers over flight delays and cancellations they experienced in the past few weeks.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the airline, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Olajide, in a video broadcast, regrets the experience of the passengers saying the company was deeply hurt.

She said their experience was not what Air Peace is known for and not also, what the airline promised passengers.

While tendering the apology, Olajide said some of the situations were beyond the control of the airline.

‘’Today, we have decided to reach out and express our deepest apology to you our dear valued customers because you are the reason we are in business and we do not take you for granted.

‘’Lately, we have been experiencing multiple disruptions on our flights which have led to some flights being delayed and some cancelled and these are reasons beyond our control. The most recent occurrence was the bird strike suffered on the engine of one of our aircraft that was enroute Owerri to Lagos, the unfortunate incident affected the performance of  the engine and because we prioritise safety, this is something we don’t joke with, we had to withdraw the aircraft from active service.

And because of this, some flights were disrupted, some were delayed and cancelled.

‘’And we are very sorry that you have to go through this, we aplogise for all the inconvenience, we are deeply hurt that you have to go through this especially for some passengers we couldn’t reaccommodate on our flights, we are very sorry. This is not who we are, this is not what we represent, this is the reason we have come out to reassure you today that it has come to an end because your favourite, reliable and dependable Air Peace is back.’’, she said.

Olajide further said the airline is deploying some brand-new airplanes as more E195 would arrive in few weeks while two A320s have already arrived.

‘’Out of the 13 firm order of E195, we have already taken five, more would be arriving this December , Air Peace is fully back to provide that seamless flight connections that you deserve. We are also promising that had been stuck in maintenance due to COVID-19 are returning, the absence of these 21 aircraft has affected our operations. From December 10, you are going to see a different Air Peace, in term of On-time departure, you will enjoy seamless connections.

‘’Once again, we sincerely apologise for all the disruptions, we thank you so much for believing in us and trusting us, and we believe that with your support, we will continue to provide that first class superior service that you deserve’’, she added.

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