Air Peace COO: We’re on Jo’burg route to eliminate connectivity hassles, offer excellent service

Olajide, cutting the tape at the flight launch ceremony at Lagos airport on Thursday


…promo fare starts from 6,000 Rand

..airline deploys B777 with three class-configuration


Posted by Sade Williams, in Johannesburg


Oluwatoyin Olajide, Chief Operating Officer of Air Peace, has said that the airline plans to eliminate the harrowing experience passengers have been going through to connect Lagos from Johannesburg and vice versa, with the launch of direct flight services between the two cities.

She also disclosed that this will come with excellent and great customer services as they (customers) are the reason for the existence of the airline.

While responding to questions on the airline’s inaugural flight on 702 FM in Johannesburg, she said apart from putting safety first, where passengers needed to be guided in response to the COVID-19 procedures, the airline had carefully configured its B777 aircraft deployed on the route into three classes, disclosing  that it is  also offering a promotional fare from 6,000 Rand for return ticket.

“For Air Peace, one thing that sets us apart is superior service that we provide for our customers, for us, our customers are king because they are the reason for our existence, we understand that, that much,  and we have to listen to them, they are very important to us, so we do not joke with the services that we provide to our customers. The first thing they are going to benefit from now is safety because this period is a very delicate season, the airline has been complying with the COVID-19 procedures, the Cockpit and cabin crew have been complying  and before you  can even board our flight, you have to get your negative COVID-19 result from approved laboratory.

“In addition to that, it’s the promo fare that we are running now, it is an amazing fare. From Jo’burg to Lagos and back to Jo’burg,  you are just paying about 6,000 rands, that is unbelievable, for a flight that is going to be less than six hours compared to the hectic experience that people have been going  through having to travel via Kigali, Lome just to get to Lagos where people spend several hours for a journey that is less than six hours, so we have come here to actually take that away.

“I must add that our aircraft is a B777 aircraft, it’s a very beautiful aircraft, very comfortable, we have three class configuration, we have the First class, Business class and the Economy class. We have the full flat bed in the First and Business class, so you can relax all the way, so the service is excellent. A passenger on board, a white man, came to me and said, ‘Oh, madam , you didn’t even know what you’ve done for us and I didn’t even know when I got to Jo’burg , I slept off throughout the flight’, and I said don’t worry,  we are going to give you a take away pack and he was so happy. That is just a pinch of the beautiful things that we have planned for our customers” , she said.

Speaking on the timing and season of the launch, Olajide noted that the plan to start the route has been in the offing for two years, adding that after putting in place necessary equipment and personnel and looking at the business plans of the airline, it was the right time to launch despite all odds.

“The pandemic has really dealt with Aviation. It is the worst hit, so it is very understanding that people think that why are we able to start this flight during this season, this a question that has been asked several times, and I say to them that the vision of Air Peace regarding this function is that we have the no-city-left-behind mantra and aside that, we have the vision to connect African countries . We try to provide seamless connectivity across the  African cities and for us to have been able to start this at this season, it wasn’t something that we just woke up and then decided to do it, we actually wanted to commence this flight two years ago, so the plan has actually been in place, but we ‘ve been putting in place all the necessary parameters to ensue we have the adequate equipment,  we ensure we have back up to our B77 aircraft, we ensure we have the right personnel, and we make sure that we were ready for this flight.

“And there has been a lot of yearnings from people in Nigeria even from our brothers and sisters in South Africa, telling us that we have the capability and the resources,  that we are able to do it. And then we looked at our business plans and parameters and we saw that this is the right time to go,” , she added.


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