Aircraft furnishing: Santos aviation, 7-Stars hangar in deal to reduce capital flight, create jobs

President of Santos Aviation limited, Segun Adesanya in group photograph with representatives of US-FAA and Eng. Balami



Posted by Sade Williams



A new entrant into the Nigeria aviation industry, Santos Aviation limited is to create employment for hundreds Nigerian youths and reduce capital flight through the furnishing of aircraft interiors in Nigeria.


Engr. Isaac David Balami, chief executive of 7-Stars Global hangar disclosed this at the Murtala Mohammad airport Ikeja at the formal unveiling of Santos Aviation in Nigeria by representatives of the United States Federal Aviation Administration officials


Balami said the unveiling of Santos aviation, an outfit which specialises in aircraft interior furnishing, will solve the problem of Nigerian aircraft owners from going abroad to have their aircraft interiors refurbished adding that it will save huge money for the airlines.


According to Balami, over $100, 000 will be saved annually by local airlines when carrying out interior refurbishing locally adding 7- Stars global will work together with Santos aviation to give airlines value for their money with quality sourced materials overseas.


“It is a huge relief, it is going to create jobs, it will increase safety and also the comfort of our passengers”


Balami noted that with 7-Stars global hangar, working together with Santos Aviation will attract other airlines from other West Africa countries to Nigeria for patronage.


He commended the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority  for being supportive of the project saying that over 50% of aircraft in the country came in from the United States.


The representative of the director general of the NCAA, Bello Akinola said the coming of Santos Aviation into the country’s aviation sector was a very big business for  Nigerians.


Akinola disclosed that out of the 150 private jets in Nigeria about 30 were American registered


According Akinola, jet owners always carry out their interior refurbishing in Canada, South Africa and America


“We have facility but only for maintenance. It is a good thing for us in Nigeria, it will save us a lot of money from capital flight”


Akinola noted that with the company in the country more jobs will be created which will lead to more business for the youths.


“We so appreciate it, thanks for 7 star global and Santos for bringing this to Nigeria. For FAA, we have been a partner for long we want to support us too as it has been in the past, so there are many companies too who want to seek FAA approval.”


The President of Santos Aviation limited, Segun Adesanya said the company specialized in the provision of maintenance and interior refurbishing services to both government and privately owned aircraft.


According to Adesanya, agents and employees of Santos aviation have professional and technical licences issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States adding that the licences gave their staff eligible to provide similar services on American made and registered aircraft.


Adesanya revealed that agents and employees of Santos have provided exceptional services on the US government owned aircraft.


He disclosed that they were presently negotiating with one of the leading Nigeria’s operators for the provision on aircraft interior refurbishing


“Based on our knowledge and experience in the aviation industry, it is our opinion that this sector of the Nigerian economy has a lot of potential for growth. We are aware of the recent steps taken by the Federal Government of Nigeria and some state governments that will boost the growth of the sector ”


He explained that with his staff FAA licenses their knowledge and experience in aviation and the growth in Nigerian Aviation sector was a significant opportunity for profitable joint venture relationships for the public privately owned Nigerian entities.

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