Ambassador invites Nigerians to participate in Ethiopian Airlines Great Run Marathon package

Ambassador Solomon Abebe Tessema

Posted by Sade Williams


The new Ethiopian Ambassador to Nigeria who just assumed office in Abuja, Ambassador Solomon Abebe Tessema, has invited Nigerians to take advantage of the Ethiopian Airlines package to participate in the 10k Marathon.


He says the Embassy is partnering with Ethiopian Airlines in Nigeria to get more Nigerians to attend the Ethiopian Great Run put together by Legendary Marathoner, Haile Gebreselasie.


According to the General Manager of the Airline Mrs. Firiehewot Mekonnen, “the Great Run package is so affordable that everyone can go. The big deal about this event is not just the opportunity to enjoy Addis Ababa and it’s wonderful environment but you can meet in person the Great Gebreselasie and other Marathoners who will be joining him”


The Great Run is on the 18th of November and people can participate in other cultural events and an exciting Night life.


The Great Ethiopian Run (GER), is celebrated as one of the “Greatest Run in the World,” started by Haile Gebrselassie in 2001 attracting over 40,000 globally including other World class Runners.


One of the Promotional has this to say about the event “GER is not your run-of-the-mill 10K as Addis Ababa sits 8,000 feet above sea level, so the race is not without its challenges — yet the heady fun of the carnival-like atmosphere as the race joyously snakes through this bustling, fascinating city is what makes the day so unforgettable.”

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