AMCON Resolves Issues with OAS


By Sade Williams

Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), which last week sealed Odengene Air Shuttle (OAS Helicopters) heliport has removed their seal and marks on the company’s property.


Feelers from AMCON indicate that the matter with OAS has been amicably resolved and the company has continued to operate unhindered.


OAS is said to have made a surprise bold imprint bordering on finance and business program that impressed AMCON. AMCON is said to have maintained that its intention is never to hinder any organization with great potential, that rather AMCON will encourage such companies to reach their goals “especially if the goals are clear”.


The CEO of OAS, Captain Evarest Nnaji in a telephone interview confirmed the resolution of issues with AMCON.  He also noted that the company’s flight activities were never interrupted in anyway even during the period it was negotiating with AMCON and commended the willingness on both side to reach an amicable settlement.


“AMCON was purely professional in the negotiation and we as a law abiding organization are ever eager to abide by the rule of the law, so our flights were never hindered one bit. I wish to let you know that the matter has been amicably resolved,” the CEO said.


News on OAS website by Friday evening says, “We wish to announce to the general public, specially our clients that the issues we have with Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria have been amicably resolved. All matters raised have been withdrawn both in courts and posts. Please be assured that we are financially and technically sound and will continue to do everything necessary to uphold our business and professional integrity.”



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