Arik Air Celebrates Christmas with Musical Concert


Arik Air, Nigeria’s major carrier on December 17, 2015, held Christmas concert at its headquarters at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and invited all members of the airport community, including parents, children and staff of the airline.

Arik used the occasion to also unveil its Christmas lights, which since installation had embroidered that part of the airport with special illumination and beauty.

Attendees of the event were feted with music concert by Don Solomon, Lumen Christi Choir and Orchestra; Lumen Christi Band and Tariah Welsh.

The event was presided over by Very Reverend Monsignor Dr Pius Kii who said “The God of Glory exchanges the splendor of heaven for the obscurity of Nazareth; the Son of the most high condescends to pass for the Son of a village carpenter.

“He has taken our funny human parts, the belongings of a woman’s child and called them his own. We can thus say with St. John ‘God has loved the world as to give us his only’”.

Arik said it was using the occasion to rejoice ad appreciate Nigerians at the Yuletide and to wish everyone a better year ahead.

The Chairman of Arik Air, Sir Joseph Arumemi-Ikhide said while lighting up the Christmas tree that he was very happy to witness the occasion. He said that the airline decided to fete its and others in order to share love and appreciation, adding that anyone in the company could grow to head the company with commitment and hard work.

He recalled that the President of the world’s major aircraft manufacturer, Boeing is the son of a man who worked as a mechanic in the company and urged the workers to commit themselves to the company because they would reap the benefits therein.

Arumemi-Ikhide said the airline has lofty plan for the future and talked about the plan to go to the stock exchange and the delivery of new aircraft in the years ahead.


He also urged children to read their books and work hard in school because they are to succeed the present generation and lift the country to a higher level of growth and development.

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