Atiku/Bauchi Gov saga: Aero says disinfect aircraft before, after every flight, crew, passenger use sanitizer 


…authorities to track passengers

…announces other measures against COVID-19


Posted by Sade Williams


Aero contractors explained on Tuesday that it disinfects every aircraft before and after every flight, saying it had deployed all necessary measures aimed at combating the Coronavirus since the outbreak.


A statement issued by the company and made available to journalists explained that throughout the period Atiku ‘ son was at the airport and on the flight, he wore his face masks and had limited contact with passengers.


The company added that apart from mandating all passengers and crew to use hand sanitizer, the owners of the terminal of operation, Murtala Muhammed Airport terminal two, (MMA2), also deploys several measures ranging from temperate checks to sanitisation of hands.


“We wish to state that since the past three weeks, the management of the MMA2 adopted strict measures to check every passenger that is processed from the terminal and this include use of sanitizer and temperature checks, and everyone whose temperature rises above safe level is referred to Port Health Authority.


” On our own, we have also adopted safe measures to protect our passengers, we disinfect our aircraft before and after every flight, we also ensure our customers are given hand sanitiser prior to boarding and check their temperature. These steps are measures we have taken in accordance with international standards.


“Furthermore,  the son of the former Vice President wore a face mask throughout the flight which is not unusual in the present circumstances and had limited contact in the flight with other passengers and crew.


” We therefore wish to assure the traveling public and our esteemed customers that we will continue to take every measures to ensure Thai all our aircraft are safe from the pandemic,  COVID-19.


“Please be assured we have and will always protect every passenger that flies with us from any kind of exposure to this dangerous virus. We are cooperating with relevant authorities towards taking necessary measures with other passengers on the mentioned flight” , it said.



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