Coalition of Kogi patriots says Tinubu will change narrative

President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu



.. Seeks power shift to kogi west


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Coalition of Kogi State Patriots says Nigerians should be rest assured that the leader who will change the narrative in a progressive manner has arrived.

At a meeting of critical stakeholders and leaders in Lokoja over the weekend, the body sought for continued support for the incoming administration, aimed at accelerating economic development, wealth creation and national security for our people and nation.

“As we proceed towards the preparation for the wearing-in on the 29th of May, 2023, let us all be reminded that we must be vigilant and pray for a peaceful and hitch-free Transition Period. God bless the incoming administration of H.E Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu”

Alh. Abdulkadir Ochenika Sani, Director General, Coalition of Kogi State Patriots, said the body aimed at mobilizing the understanding and support of the people of Kogi State for the rotation of Kogi state Governorship to the Western Senatorial District of Kogi State in the forthcoming November 2023 gubernatorial election.

He said the battle line seemed to be drawn among the political aspirants of the two leading political parties in the state, the All Progressives Congress and People’s Democratic Party, which have intensified preparations for party primaries haven obtained their expression of interest and nomination forms for the forthcoming governorship election to succeed the incubent Governor Yahaya Bello.

“As concerned citizens of the state, the level of injustice and marginalization of the Kogi West Senatorial District in the journey to Lugard House calls for critical and urgent attention, and this has precipitated the formation of the Coalition of Kogi state Patriots”

“An historic overview of the democratic administrative journey of our dear state quickly reveals a political path in want of collective effort to ensure that equity, justice and fairness to all are brought about. Since the creation of Kogi State in 1991, and the eventual entrenchment of democratic administration, the struggle for power and control of the State has often pitched us the various ethnic groups and Senatorial Districts one against the other. This has always left a certain level of mistrust and mutual suspicion amongst us which has in no small means undermined our unity and prosperity as a people”

The body said the conception and birth of this organization; Coalition of Kogi State Patriots, was to ensure that the next Governor of Kogi State be made to emerge from Kogi West adding that Eastern Senatorial District had its reign for a long period, the clamor for power shift and rotation by the other major contending districts never stopped

“After 16 long years of rule by our Eastern brothers at the helms of affairs of the State, the Central Senatorial District via divine providence has found itself in the saddle of the State leadership for about eight years”

The body noted that Yahaya Bello has done his best to safeguard unity and cohesion, the clamour for power shift and rotation from the other two Districts, especially Kogi West, has remained loud and unabating stressing that cry needs to be listened to, interrogated, and deliberate steps taken by critical stakeholders to actualize a shift of power and rotation amongst the major blocks of the State.

“It is this clamor and call for power to shift to Kogi West that we have come together to advance in a progressive, pragmatic and coherent manner as Patriots of Kogi State. We advocate the rotation of power between the major groups of the State, and most importantly at this time, that power shifts to Kogi West”

“While the trappings and privileges of power make it easy for those individuals or collective groups who wield it at a particular time to assume that they can hold on to it for as long as they wish, history has shown us all that providence listens to the voice of the people. It is only appropriate that we do what is justiciable and fair, by advancing this position before us all”

According to the body, the demand is a wake up call that on individual and collective as one devoid of sentimental and ethnic cleavages to ensure that om Kogi West brothers and sisters have their opportunity to lead the State stressing that, they have a huge surplus of ably qualified and credible personalities who can lay claim to the mantle of leadership.

“To those who haven’t been reached yet, we use this medium to invite you on board. And to those of us who have availed ourselves here already, we encourage us all to remain steadfast as this is the right path to thread” .

“To advance the mandate of this organization in a coordinated and coherent manner, an interim management teams has been established.

In view of the foregoing, to bring about a robust critical strategies and comprehensive approach to this project, a principal sub-committee named Strategy and Think thank will also been constituted;”


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