Embraer Delivered More Commercial Planes In Q4 Than The Rest Of 2020


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Aircraft manufacturer Embraer has released its sales figures for 2020. The Brazilian-based company says it delivered 71 aircraft in the final few months of 2020, which is over half of the 130 jets that were delivered all year.

However, the company was behind on number before the pandemic hit.

Embraer delivered just 44 commercial aircraft in 2020, 28 of which were delivered in Q4.

Embraer stated that of the 71 jets delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020, 28 were commercial and 43 executives.

These are substantial numbers considering Embraer only delivered 81 jets in the fourth quarter of 2019. Of course, the rest of the year looked slightly less optimistic. The company did manage to deliver 130 aircraft last year compared to 198 in 2019. That’s a decrease of 35%.

According to simpleflying.com, of the jets it delivered in 2020, 44 were commercial aircraft, and the remaining 86 were executive jets.  Of these, 56 were light aircraft, and just 30 were large. Notably, almost all of the 56 light aircraft orders were for the phenom 300, with only six phenom 100.

For commercial aviation, the clear standout in 2020 was the E175, which made up 32 of the 44 delivered aircraft.

By the end of 2020, Embraer still has a firm order backlog of 281 aircraft totalling $14.4 billion, putting them in a reasonably strong position going forwards. However, this is still the company’s lowest backlog figure in recent years.

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