Enish, Nigerian Restaurant chain, set to open $3m second Dubai outlet in July 

Olushola Medupin, CEO, Enish Restaurant



…restaurant has 10 branches in UK

…now rebranding as a Destination


Posted by Sade Williams


The second outlet of Enish, biggest Nigerian Restaurant Chain in the world with 10 branches in the United Kingdom, is set to open in July at the Palms Jumeirah Dubai, after it opened the first one in the heart of the emirate along the famous Sheik Zayed Road at Number 1.

Owned and run by Olushola Medupin, a dynamic and enterprising young Nigerian, who hails from Kogi State, Enish opened its first restaurant in London, United Kingdom and presently boasts of 10 food outlets in Lewisham, Brixton, Ilford, Finchley Road, Camberwell and Croydon, among others.

“We started Enish in London in 2013, the name is coined from mine and my wife. The whole idea spans from the fact that we see a lot of Nigerian Restaurants abroad always looking unbefitting and I said let’s do something different.

“The first two years was a bit difficult but afterwards everything picked up, now we have 10 outlets in London and two in Dubai. The first one was in Lewisham, then Fintcley, Croydon, Brixton and we just acquired one in Westend , it’s the biggest place in London and in a prime location.

“As for the Dubai one, I was thinking of something different, so I opened one in Dubai on Sheik Zayed road, and it is doing well, they offer me another place in the Palm, it has the biggest Water fountain. We have been working on it and it’s a $3 million project. We hope to be done by next two weeks and the opening will be by end of June or July. Although, we’ve been having soft lunch and chops but the official opening will be done soon.”, Medupin said.

As the only authentic Nigerian bar in UAE with soothing traditional signature African cocktails, Enish offers a perfect venue for both business and social meetings with various night themes for each day, such as: Ladies Night, African Night, Afrobeats Night and much more. In addition to this Enish often hosts live performances from many of Africas biggest names in music.

Apart from Nigerians, Enish Restaurants enjoy patronage from people of diverse cultures and nationalities. With outlets in London, US , Canada and Dubai Enish is arguably the largest Nigerian Restaurant chain in the world. Environment.

Speaking on other plans for the Restaurant chain, he disclosed that he was working on another project in Atlanta in the United States of America, ‘and after that we will consider Nigeria. That’s why I am in Nigeria to see the concept that will work out, it could be the biggest’.

Medupin disclosed that he is now marketing and repositioning Enish Restaurant as a destination and an African hub in Europe and UAE.

“In London, Enish Restaurant is the best Nigerian Restaurant. Any media in UK that seeking to partner with Nigeria always call on Enish , sometimes BBC Google and celebrities like Anthony Joshua, Davido are being hosted in our restaurant. I am thinking of renaming and rebranding as Enish Africa because I am Pro-Nigeria but Dubai is a show-biz country.

“The new brand now is being marketed as a destination. It’s going to be African hub, selling African items, we are going to partner with Nike Art gallery, talk to Wakanow, so my vision is to make it an African hub, and henceforth when you think of Africa, you think of Enish Africa.’, he added.

He said Enish Restaurant and bar; Enish Restaurant and Lounge; Enish buka and Enish Africa, serves the authentic Nigerian food in a sophisticated environment.

“Most of our food stuff are sourced from Nigeria and our Chef are Nigerians, for the Ghanaian food, we use Ghanaians Chef, if I am doing South African, I use South Africans chef, I don’t use Chef  but Cook, I am into the real local ones because I  know a lot about food, that is what I have done all my life”. Medupin said.