Experts brainstorm on detecting, tackling fraud in aviation sector

Engr. Isaac Balami



Posted by Sade Williams


Aviation experts, on Thursday, brainstormed on how to tackle fraudulent practices in the sector at the inaugural session of the Nigerian Aviation Forum (NAF).

Organized by the 7Star Global Institute of Management Science and Technology, the 2022 NAF featured a number of experts in the aviation industry.

Aimed at using the vast knowledge of experts to help tackle corruption in the aviation sector, the forum admits that fraud is a big issue in the aviation industry and experts have likened it to a leaking tank.

Some experts also said that fighting fraud in the aviation industry should be a top priority for organizations across the world.

It was however, posited that with the availability of modern fraud detection technology, airlines now stand a chance to fight against savvy opponents.

The stakeholders also noted that airline fraud was not just a problem for the companies affected, but that it has a ripple effect on people and organizations that are associated with these companies.

According to some of them, customers are affected as they lose time and money sorting out the effects of fraud. According to them, fraud hits airlines from numerous sources, including booking process to ticketing and flight journey.

But the organizers believe that fraudulent record keeping could affect the system positively, and that the regulator’s major focus is safety, hence regulator has to be sharp and have a pilot log book, technical logbook, propeller and everything must tally while recording.

A statement by the convener of NAF, Engr.  Isaac Balami said: Some airlines might be callous and financially pushed not to look at the safety part of maintenance, to detect this, a good inspector could go through the book and detect fraudulent activities. If an airline is losing money, it’s not a regulator’s problem but it’s a problem when safety measures aren’t carried out. The control has to start from the top.”

According to Engr. Sukh Mann who was also at the event,  “Airlines need to employ the right management, the right audit processes in place, imbibe accountability and a self-worthy program, set a guideline for the program which internal and external auditors use.’

Also, speaking, Dr. Alex Nwuba said: “The biggest issue airlines are facing is corporate governance [multiple owners]. Companies need to understand how to regulate themselves beyond the NCAA. They also need to know what is called conduct of business and get advice from the right people but most individual don’t like to seek advice from people’. Corporate managements can find solutions by providing the tools employees would use in carrying out a task. It was also agreed that independence from the board to the management and management reporting to the board is key. So that before matters get to the board, there should be management check and audit processes within organizations.

Earlier in his welcome address, the conference convener, Engr. Isaac Balami, spoke about  NAF.

“NAF was set up by the 7Star Global Institute of Management Science and Technology as an annual independent platform where aviation practitioners will come together to identify pressing needs and see how to lend their voice and support to the industry within Nigeria and across the world. He said “currently, 7star global institute has received approval of the government from the minister of justice and ministry of education both in Lagos and at the federal level. We are currently undergoing accreditation with NBT and NUC to offer some courses in the next couple of months.”, he said.