FAAN AVSEC apprehends intruder trying to access taxiing Air Peace aircraft at MMA



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The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria ((FAAN), on Friday said it arrested an intruder who emerged from bush to gain access to an Air Peace plane taxing to take off to Owerri from the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.



It explained that at about 0850hrs of 27th December 2019, a young man of about 25yrs was sighted around the air field by FAAN Aviation Security (AVSEC) personnel manning the Charlie One (C1) link/holding area.



In a swift response, the AVSEC personnel on static guard duties at the area rushed to stop his further movement towards a taxiing Air Peace aircraft numbered APK 7252 and with registration number(CS-TQU) and a struggle ensued, adding that all efforts to stop the intruder by the unarmed AVSEC personnel failed as the intruder continued to resist arrest.



it arrested explained further while the struggle was ongoing, the AVSEC personnel called for reinforcement and alerted the pilot of CS-TQU of the intrusion , and to delay the aircraft to allow for a successful apprehension of the intruder.



The intruder was eventually apprehended by the AVSEC personnel with the support of the reinforcement and has been taken into custody for investigations.



The aircraft was also advised to return to base for necessary safety/ security inspections in line with standard procedure. Subsequently, The aircraft departed lagos at 10:16, with 171 passengers, and 6 crew



“The MD of FAAN in company with the Directors of Aviation Security services, and Airport operations, ,the Regional General Manager (SW) and the Airport Chief of Security (MMA) inspected the site of the incident and discussed with the Captain of the aircraft, who commended the action of the Aviation Security team. According to him, it was timely and professional in protecting the flight as he was not even aware of any intrusion until they alerted him”, the Authority said.



Meanwhile, Stanley Olisa, spokesman for Air Peace explained the details. : This morning, at exactly 9:10 at the MMA1 Lagos, an Owerri-bound Air Peace aircraft(flight P47252) was taxing towards the threshold for take-off, when a man, in his twenties, emerged from the bush along the runway, and tried to gain access to the aircraft through the wheel-well.



According to him, there was a private jet behind the aircraft. The pilot in command of the private jet informed the Air Peace pilot in command that a young man obviously in his twenties, was trying to force his way into the aircraft.



“The security wing of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, was alerted and the man was accosted and whisked away. He is currently in the regulator’s custody. When interrogated on why he took the action, the man stated that he thought the aircraft was headed overseas. We commend FAAN for its timely intervention. The regulator is already investigating the incident.



“Air Peace remains committed to the safety of its customers and will continue to demonstrate this commitment in all aspects of its operations. At Air Peace, safety is at the heart of what we do”, he added.


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