FAAN says works, installation of lights on Runway 18L 90% completed



Posted by Sade Williams


Managing Director,  Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Rabiu Yadudu said on Thursday that civil works and and installation of lights  on Runway 18 Left of the Murtala Muhammed Airport is about 90 percent completed,

Yadudu, while inspecting works on the Runway, also disclosure  that apart from the Lagos Airport, FAAN is working and upgrading other airports.

He noted that the Runway 18 left has been closed for the installations of Approach lights, Runway lights, Threshold and Center edge lights amongst others, to effect the new technology for it to return to it 24 hours operations.

He said this makes his 10th inspections of the ongoing work on the Runway, saying there are people monitoring and supervising the work daily.

“So far, I think we have done as about 90%… we are on schedule and remember we are very optimistic but if anything would make it to be delayed, I would boldly make it so. I’d rather have a good job concluded, safely. Aviation is not about quick fixes it’s about long term fixes.

“For 12 years, this is not working but now you’re getting it in a few hours, what is the problem. The bottom line is we are okay, target up to this moment but anything that will hinder and we are sure has to do with the safety, we will not hesitate that is our primary responsibility but so far there is none.

“And we are committed, this is my 10th visit and there are people here daily, monitoring, supervising.”, he said.

Also speaking om Taxiway Bravo, Yadudu said the project has been stalled due to inflation affecting procurement cost especially of bitumen and asphalt.

“Taxiway Bravo has been about 95% for the past five months, it’s issues to do with procurement because suddenly we have inflation and the contractor is complaining but he is working with FAAN and the Ministry to see we can find a solution to the problem.

” This inflation issue suddenly increased the cost of bitumen and asphalt and we are trying to resolve it quietly, so he also ends up doing a good job, we do not want him to do a bad job because he has concerns and we are addressing those concerns.

“It would have been commissioned four five months ago but we need to do a good job that everyone would be proud of.” He said.

The FAAN boss also noted that the construction of proposed Abuja second runway would take off immediately after the completion of the airside lighting project on Lagos Runway 18 left / 36 right, adding that the contractor is already mobilized and would move to site any moment.

He also hinted that discussions are ongoing on the proposed light rail project linking International and local wings of Lagos airport.

It would be recalled that following the outcry by members of Airline Operators of Nigerian (AON) that there was no evidence of work at the Murtala Muhammed Airport since the Runway 18L was closed for one week for installation of lights, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) had swiftly on July 20, provided evidence and report of progress of work on the site.

According to the details given by Mrs. Faithful Hope-Ivbaze then, spokesperson for the Authority, work commenced on July 7, 2022 with mobilization of equipment and workers.