By Sade Williams, a travel portal that offers affordable packagaes for holiday makers, frequent travellers and tourists alike, has launched ‘Affordable Discover Africa and Tourism’ package for its customers.


Acrding to the managers, you can enjoy a vacation getaway from N50, 000!.


From the managing director: Biola Lawal

Quick question… How many historic places have you visited in Nigeria or even in Africa? Do you even travel? No? Why Not? I understand how tough the economic environment is nonetheless you can still live a balanced life that includes your vacation holidays. We all just need to be smarter on how we spend our Naira and Kobo to make sure we are getting the best value for our money! This is where “Mr Boku” comes in aka “The Travel Doctor”. You just might have been going around in circles. However, did you know that travelling broadens your mind and exposes you to a lot of relaxation, new discoveries and creativity? Did you also know that traveling is a good source of motivation for your work and personal lives? Well then, now that you know, it’s time to start living an adventurous life! And you do not have to go to London and America to do it!



Money shouldn’t stop you from living a happy and adventurous life. Come to think of it, you need not travel far or break the bank. There are so many amazing places around you that can change your perception of life forever and they are affordable. I’ll tell you about some I’ve visited and still hold unforgettable memories of.


I visited a very special place in Nigeria I call it the “magic land” because of the mystic fascination of Agboogun Footprints, which is widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot during a climb to view a spectacular ancient carving, nicknamed Noah’s Ark at Idanre Hills. Oh how invigorating it felt to have been there! A lasting cure from all the aches and pains of boredom and monotony. It was really fascinating!



Then guess what happened to me on my trip to Southern Africa? My jaw dropped when I caught a glimpse of a Nubian Queen getting drenched in a glistening waterfall, thick mist rising high into the air coupled with a thundering sound emanating from the largest single sheet of flowing water. This, my friends, was one of the most breath-taking sights ever, and that’s what makes the Victoria Falls-separating Zimbabwe from Zambia-one of the seven natural wonders of the world.



Africa is embedded with so many secrets, hidden treasures, and cool resorts that need to be discovered. As an example, Zanzibar Island is the charming locale that comes to mind. Did you know that the cultures, beaches, hotels and meals of the island are simply phenomenal and makes a visit to the destination a must? Also, guess what? You can experience the island’s pleasant ambience and save more when you book your visit with friends and loved ones on You can enjoy all of the above plus discounts on our protocol service and an itinerary that covers your return-flight, visa on arrival, airport pick-up & drop-off. All these amazing packages will definitely make your experience an exceptional one.



There is so much yet to see and I’d like for you to join me on this journey to discover the mysteries and beauty of Africa! Oh, yes you can! With the unbelievably affordable packages on the Discover Africa with campaign, I repeat, yes you can. #MrBokuWillTakeYouThere.



Create memorable stories with your friends and families NOW!!!

Take advantage of Boku deals starting from:



• Picturesque Ikogosi Resort & Erin-Ijesha Waterfall N50,000

• Inagbe Grand Resort offshore Lagos N53,400

• Ride on the hills at Obudu Resort N80,000

• Discover the amazing warmth of the Gambia N113,475

• Exotic Beach Resort in Zanzibar N250,000

• Beach Hang-out in Durban, South Africa N556,250



INTRODUCING BOKU CREDIT: Remember if you cannot make full payment upfront, Mr Boku has a special instalment payment program just for you. BOKU CREDIT allows you to apply and pay for your holiday package in instalments. . Terms and Conditions apply.



Most deals include Flights, Hotels, Sight-seeing activities tour and Protocol Services. Call US NOW! 0700FLYBOKU (07000352658 OR 07046204682) and visit to DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) and tell us where you will like to go. You can also join the conversation online.



Take a picture of yourself in any location you travel to within Africa and post it with the #DiscoverAfricawithFlyBoku for a chance to win a prize. Please mention us on Instagram/Twitter: @MrBoku @Flyboku and on Facebook:;


So where would you like to go today?


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