Green Africa Airways unveils crew uniforms ahead of flight commencement


Posted by Sade Williams


Ahead of commencement of flight operations, a new entrant into the domestic aviation sector, Green Africa Airways, has unveiled its crew uniform.

The beautiful African fabric was unveiled virtually using the #TheRunway.

Speaking on the unveiling, the airline’s  Director of Cabin Crew services, Jasmine Dhillion   said, “Our gCrew uniform is a judicious blend of African style with Green Africa elements and a contemporary global feel. Made from natural fabrics which makes our uniform not only environmentally friendly but also keeps our crew comfortable as natural fabrics are more ‘breathable’. The colours of the uniform which are our brand colours are inspired by the vast and varied African landscape with the basic cuts inspired by the Nigerian prints popularly called Ankara.

“Green is just not a colour to us, it is a concept, it signifies vibrancy, growth and sustainability which is what our brand and uniforms represent. For us, the comfort of the crew while wearing the uniform is paramount because happy crew means happy customers!

Founder and Chief Executive Green Africa Airways, Babawande Afolabi, who also spoke at he unveiling, said: ”Today, we want to show you a glimpse of what our crew will look like while serving you, our customer. One of our five point agenda to customers is service and we’d be doing this by showing you how our crew will look”.

In September 2020, the airline had said it has formed a strategic partnership with First City Monument Bank (FCMB), saying that upon commencement of pre-sales in early 2021, FCMB will provide Green Africa with access to up to US$31m in a combination of standby letter of credit and rolling working capital.

Additionally, as part of the strategic partnership, Green Africa and FCMB will develop a proprietary educational loan product for a proactive human capital development platform to train pilots, engineers, cabin crew members, safety professionals and other technical personnel in commercial, operational and aviation finance functions.

“This is a key component of Green Africa’s plan to scale diligently and play a critical role in cultivating world-class local industry talent in the coming years” , the airline had said.

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