JetA-A1 marketers/airlines: Our action taken in the interest of safer skies–NCAA

Usman Muhtar, NCAA-DG

Usman Muhtar, NCAA-DG

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), on Thursday, gave insights into what led it to stopping about five aviation fuel marketers from supplying the product to airlines.


Sam Adurogboye, its spokesman told The Travel Port that the Authority only acted in the interest of safer skies adding it also got a report to that effect.




“We took the step on receipt of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) letter to that effect. However, the genesis of our initial action came about upon receipt of complaints from Jet A 1 end users.


“We thereafter invited DPR to move in since the issue of fuel is directly under their purview and they have d expertise. Their report to NCAA led to our latest action taken in the interest of safer skies”, he said.


About three months ago, airline operators, under the aegis of Airline Operators of Nigeria, raised alarm over the supply of kerosene in place of aviation fuel.


They accused the marketers of shortchanging the airlines and exposing their aircraft and passengers to danger by such nefarious act.


Although, the marketers denied it, NCAA insisted that the marketers must henceforth, register with it after going through some safety tests.


On Wednesday, it was learnt that Jushad Oil and
Gas Limited, Lubcon Limited, Ascon Oil Company
Limited, Acon Petroleum Limited and Star Orient
Aviation Limited.


The regulatory body in a circular with reference
number: NCAA/DAW/AD. 1104/AOL052/VOL.1, dated November 9, 2015 and addressed to Airline
Operators of Nigeria (AON) with the title, “Notice of Suspension of Some Companies from Providing Aviation Fuel Supply Services to Airlines at Airports in Nigeria”, also further explained that the reason for the suspension was that the said companies did
not have depots and therefore should not be engaged in the distribution of aviation fuel at the


The letter reads further that, “this is to notify you that the authority is in receipt of a letter from the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR that the underlisted companies have no depot facilities
and should not be engaged in aviation fuel distribution at the airport.


“The integrity and competences of these companies cannot be
ascertained by the DPR and advised the Authority
that these companies be disallowed from further
supply of aviation fuel to airlines located in


The circular by the NCAA also directed the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to deny the aforementioned companies access into airports in Nigeria, including their aviation fuelling vehicles
and personnel till further notice.


“You are hereby required to suspend the fuelling of your aircraft by any of the companies until further notice,” the regulatory authority said.


The NCAA in the circular signed by the director of Airworthiness Standards Benedict Adeyileka on behalf of the director general of NCAA, directed the airlines and urged them to ensure strict compliance.


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