Recession in Nigeria surmountable, says Fasehun, OPC President

Frederick Fasehun, OPC President

Frederick Fasehun, OPC President

Founder and President of Oodua People’s Congress ( OPC), Dr Frederick Fasehun, has said that the current economic recession is surmountable in spite of the present challenges expressing hope that Nigeria would not fall into depression .
He added however,  that the struggles of the Yoruba race in the success and enthronement of both past and present administration in Nigeria have not been appreciated.
He said the people have learnt their lessons, especially ‘on marginalisation  in terms of Federal appointments despite the massive support of the South West for the present administration.
He said as a race, the Yoruba has taken in its stride perceived marginalization by the current administration and will respond at the appropriate time the damage done to her people.
Speaking at the weekend in an interview in Lagos when the OPC honoured some Nigerians, cutting across ethnic divide, Dr Fasehun said the Yorubas will not be like the “mad dog” that barks all the time, but will take calculated steps to make its position known on the state of affairs of Nigeria.
He said it was not right for a people, all the time to always criticise government , rather they should know that their contributions to national struggle has not been appreciated.
Fasehun said the Yorubas are keenly looking forward to the next election, adding that :”The Yoruba have learnt a big lesson for what has happened in this country in the last administration as well as the current government. We have assisted other ethic groups to get to power and that struggle has not been appreciated. But, we have recorded it. But, as a decent race, we will not be like the ‘mad dog’ that barks all the time. We do not have to criticise the government all the time.Yorubas have taken everything in their stride from the people doing the damage to us.
Yoruba will learn how to react and we look forward to the next general elections .”
Fasehun said the OPC decided to honour some Nigerians, who are not Yorubas as evidence that the group is interested in defending the human rights of all.
He said the group also remembered its heroes that died in the last few years.
Fasehun said :” There are two sides to life : happiness and sadness. That is why we are honouring our members that died during our struggle to detest official trampling on the fundamental rights our people and those from other ethnic groups that live in our midst.”

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