Red Star e-Commence Offers Deals For Customers At Black Friday


By Sade Williams


Red Star e-Commerce Logistics Solution, one of the arms of the Red Star Express Group, is offering customers good deals at the on-going Black Friday which commenced on November 15th and slated to last till December 15th 2017.


With this offer, customers can save up to 20% or more when they ship with the logistics solution.


According to the Red Star Spokesperson, Jayson Oyarekhua,  “At this year’s Black Friday offerings, you can save 20% or more, when you ship with us and enjoy zero cost on returns. This means you get a 20% or more discount when you ship to your customers using e-commerce solutions and pay nothing if an item has to be returned to you. Existing clients do not need to open new accounts to be part of this”.


This offer includes prompt deliveries, free returns, cash-on-delivery, wide coverage and instant pick-ups. Customers are however, encouraged to partake of the offer while it lasts.


Red Star e-Commerce Logistics Solution, is unique to its services offerings with a large bouquet of service which includes but not limited to Direct Cash on Delivery Facility, Payment on Delivery Cards, Drop-offs and pick-ups centers at Central Business Districts, Pre-Paid Facility, Consolidation, Long Haul services, and Retrieval services. The logistics solution has an extensive reach of 99% districts in Nigeria.


Red Star E-Commerce Logistics Solution is a specialized e-Commerce logistics entity in the supply chain / logistics space offering customized multi-modal services to its online retail customers through its enviable surface and Red Star Express network and infrastructure in Nigeria.


It facilitates three major flows in B2C supply chains, that is, product flow, information flow and monetary flow.


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