The Future of Aviation in Nigeria

By Femi Nwani

The movement of humans from one place to another has been in existence for centuries, thus, a constant discovery of the several means of travel.

From road travels such as walking, camels in deserts and horses, to sailing through oceans with ships, rafts and canoes, and the use of the first flying machines – hot air balloons. In the course of time, humans have realized that mobility is indeed an integral part of life and these modes of travel continue to change as with the growth and development in a community.

Whilst every means of transport has its perks, air travel has become one of the most widely used methods of transportation as airplanes are the herald of the global age.

Airplanes are the fastest mode of transportation and have made the world a smaller place, they reduce the duration of time required to travel from one place to another.

Over 90 years ago marked the beginning of Nigeria’s aviation journey as the first aircraft landed in Kano city. Since then, the aviation sector has spiraled into one of the country’s income boosters, with airlines continuously operating locally and internationally.

Statistics released by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in 2018 reveals a total of 14.14 million passengers with 222,413 flights completed in 2017. This increase in passenger volume can be easily linked to the growing need among Nigerians to explore new travel destinations.

The NCAA continues to review that the aviation sector in Nigeria generally shows stability, improved safety and increased passenger figures. While all these predictions are great to keep the positivity going in the country, there is need to constantly examine the state of air travel in Nigeria.

As the year begins, a lot of focus is on the federal government to implement its long term plans on the airport concession project. A standardized airport plays a significant role in maximizing the pleasures of travel, from the point of takeoff to arrival. As the most populated country in Africa, Nigeria witnesses an influx of air travelers around the clock. The first place of contact is the airport, and a well maintained airport speaks highly of the country and its citizens.

Where travelling is concerned, Nigerians are detouring from the conventional areas of visit and are getting more adventurous. Many people are seeking exploration in uncommon cities around the world. This has created a gap in which an airline like Turkish Airlines has responded to.  

Turkish Airlines is the leading airline satisfying the need to explore new destinations as they operate and fly to more destinations than any other airline.

The airline continues to task itself with providing safe and secure air travel services to Nigerians as it is a critical element to the development of the aviation sector. It is no doubt the airline of choice for curious Nigerians who employ travel as an act to discover themselves.

The changing dynamics of travel has led Turkish Airlines to constantly explore leaps forward in the world of air travel in Nigeria just as the aviation sector itself is set to experience significant changes.

The future of aviation in Nigeria is set to see improvements in technology and passenger experience. The quality of aircraft will continue to improve as airlines like Turkish Airlines contract with aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing to develop innovative technology savvy jets for flight operations.

It is likely that this will in turn enhance the overall airport travel technologies such as biometric boarding passes which allows passengers to scan their fingerprints.

In the coming years, the totality of the aviation industry in Nigeria will be set for drastic improvements that will particularly be fostered by innovative airlines such as Turkish Airlines. Indeed, both airlines and airports have great influence on the experience of travel and require constant attention so as to provide travelers the full spectrum of what it means to move from one place to another.

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