UK, Nigeria collaborate to tackle drugs, human trafficking

Vicky Ford




…as NDLEA Intercepted over 3000kg of Drugs from Lagos Airport in 2021


Posted by Sade Williams


The United Kingdom (UK) and Nigeria are collaborating to tackle drug and human trafficking between the two countries, UK Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford, has said.

He stated this when he visited and inspected facilities at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Murtala Muhammed Airport Command, together with Mr. Usman Ali, the Commandant, yesterday.

This is just as the NDLEA commandant, Mr. Usman Ali, disclosed that it intercepted over 3000 kilogrammes of different types of drugs at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos in 2021.

It also said that last week alone, the agency intercepted 460 kilogrammes of Tramadol at the same airport.

Ali said that the NDLEA has received tremendous support from the UK in different areas, including training, provision of equipment and other forms of collaboration.

“The UK has supported us immensely. We now conduct interviews with drug suspects under camera and that has helped us a lot, especially in court because we can prove that their human rights has been respected.

“Just last week, we seized about 460kg of tramadol and last year alone, we seized over three tons (over 3000 kilogrammes) of drugs at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Before the collaboration we had with the United Kingdom, it was not been easy but since the partnership things have really improved in terms of capacity and relevant equipment.

“There is no complaint about abuse of human rights because everything is done on camera. Before their coming, we used to have problems with the excretion of drugs and in the past, we used to use local potty but now equipment has been provided where everything is done under the camera. I can say that this center’s human rights compliance is one of the best in the country. The UK has done a lot for us in helping to combat drug trafficking.”

Fielding questions from newsmen, Ford said the UK and the Nigerian Joint Task Force are collaborating to tackle drugs and human trafficking and expressed satisfaction with the facilities and commitment of personnel at the Command.

“The UK and the Nigerian Joint Border Task Force (JBTF) are working together to tackle drugs and people trafficking. We have had incredibly sad stories of young people who are trafficked but what I have seen here, especially from the staff is that they are really committed in trying to tackle this scourge. In the anti-drugs war, just last week, they got 460kg of tramadol and you can imagine the impact this drug will have in young people’s lives.

“We have seen the very good facilities here and the videos that are recorded when people are interviewed either because they have been victims or perpetrators of trafficking or drug running. All of the evidence would be collected on camera, so that it can be used and their human rights would be respected. I have also seen that there is a facility here for people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial and it is fully compliant with human rights legislation. With this joint venture between the UK and Nigeria, we can both say that we know that the people who are being held here have their human rights respected as they await their trial and that is very important,” the Minister said.


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