Why I chose to work for Emirates- Capt. Ojobo

Capt. Ambrose Ojobo

By Sade Williams


A Nigerian born Senior First Officer with Emirates airline, Captain Ambrose Ojobo, has said that he chose to work for the airline because of an assurance of career progression, safety and reliability among others.


While answering questions from journalists in Dubai recently, he said working with a mega international carrier like Emirates has given him a multi-cultural exposure and a very rewarding and successful experience.


“My consideration in joining an airline is based on a couple of factors. Safety and reliability are key, career progressions, route network, scale of operation are the factors I consider in choosing an airline. All these, I found in Emirates Airlines and that is why the airline is my ideal place to work.


“I have been with emirates for 10 months now. And the experience I have garnered is fantastic. It has given me a multi-cultural exposure and very rewarding and successful experiences”, he said.


Ojobo, who is type-rated on B777 aircraft, however said it takes discipline, rescilience and hard-work for for a pilot to be dedicated to his work, adding that though, safety remains the underlying factor for a  successful career in aviation.


“I will summarise that with one simple word, and that is discipline. Discipline is the bedrock there and also having sound knowledge with skills. The other is possessing a resilient attitude. Currently I am trained and certified for Boeing 777 aircraft. If you look outside, there is one over there. That is the aircraft I am flying for Emirates Airlines. The most the important is safety and that is what I am majorly concerned about. Safety is all encompassing. The other is being able to answer all the bordering questions.


“I started flying in 2006. I had my training in Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria in Nigeria. After that, I was retained as an instructor, then I did that for one and half years. Then I moved on to the airlines where flew commercial aircraft; that is B737 with one of the Nigerian airlines for another one and half years. With training and inspiration, I am able to handle anything”, he added.


Speaking on why Emirates rose from a little beginning to be the world biggest airline, Ojobo said it was simply based on visionary leadership.


“There is no magic to that fact that Emirates is successful and I will actually say that it is due to visionary leadership. They are continuously working hard to improve customer’s services. So I can say that Emirates successes were made possible due to their hard work, dedication and visionary leadership which enable them to achieve their goals of making the customers’ experience worthwhile.


“Emirates is very multicultural and that is a great advantage to the airline. Discrimination does not exist in Emirates Airlines as far as I am concerned. My own approach to my work is being dedicated and having to work hard. For me to be here that means the quality of training at home is good”.


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